Keeping Your Hair and Your Heart's Fly!

I met my past business partner Nikko FungChung a few years back when I was working my 9-5. She would ask me what my goals were and I always told her that I just wanted to support my husband and work to build his film business. It felt like every day she would say "Ok, but what do YOU want to do!?" A few months later she told me that she had made her baby girl a satin bonnet because she couldn't find any that were small enough to stay on at night. She asked if I would mind telling people about the bonnets to see if anyone was interested and sure enough I came back with orders! After that she figured that we would make a great team and we started working on building Three Little Birds. A little after a year Nikko got an amazing opportunity to be in an MBA program and unfortunately had to step down from Three Little Birds. Though I miss working with my business partner dearly, I will never be able to thank her enough for encouraging me to believe in myself and go after my dreams. Now that I am a stay at home mom I have more time and flexibility to be more creative and build the shop exactly how I want. Throughout my journey I have met a TON of boss moms that I look up to and I feel challenged to make this shop better and better every day. I am blessed to have an amazing husband and family that supports my vision. I always knew that I wanted to be able to raise my son from home and this has helped me to be able to do that. This is something I would have never ever dreamed of doing and I hope that my story will encourage every woman to think outside of the box!

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